Art de Poterie ACH Fes



According to archeological findings, pottery is considered to be the first craft in human history; mankind has been using clay to make utilitarian objects since Neolithic Age, about 10,000 years ago.

And Thanks to our ancestors who considered pottery as an integral part of our culture, The Moroccan kingdom has occupied an important position in Pottery art throughout the history.

We, “Art de Poterie ACH company” have strived for many years to retain this precious treasure, we use new decorating trends, gathering between ancestral skills and contemporary colors.

Every single piece of our products passes carefully through several stages and under precise control, in order to ensure providing high quality and good value.

As we have vast selections to choose from, with unique patterns and designs, and affordable for our private customers as well as the big clients.

We are a team with great passion and full of energy and ambition to propel the Moroccan pottery at the forefront worldwide, we are not successful because of what we do but how we do it.

A warm welcome is waiting you at our studio, so please pay us a visit and feel free to contact us for any further information regarding our products.