Art de Poterie ACH Fes


The making process of Pottery is basically the same at any studio in the world, but each has its own patterns and designs which reflect the cultural background it is related to.

Here in our studio every single piece of our products illustrates a unique amalgam of modernity and traditional Moroccan culture, by combining contemporary touches with ancestral techniques:

Step 1: Preparing Clay

After selecting the right clay, it must be wedged to eliminate any air bubbles and make it smoothen and consistent thus, ready to be usable.

Step 2: Shaping

Once the clay is well prepared and you are pleased with the consistency achieved, comes the wheel throwing stage, there is nothing better than the potter’s wheel if you wanted to get a symmetrical and balanced design.

Step 3: Cut the piece off the hump and leave to dry

Once you are satisfied with the completed shape, cut the piece off the hump, use a string in order to make this process quick and accurate, then the piece should be left to dry.

Step 4: Glazing

After trimming and cleaning the dried piece, it must be glazed; Glazing brings the pottery shine and additional vibrant color to the final product.

Step 5: Firing

The final step is to fire the object in a pottery Kiln for about 7-10 hours to make it strengthen and tighten.