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Zellige and Ceramics

Have you ever been in Spain, Portugal, or Morocco and have fallen in love with those unique mosaic tiles, and you wished you could have this Moorish style into your space, the Art de Poterie ACH Company has brought it to you; it is proud to introduce you a wide range of unique Moroccan tiles “ Zellige” of outstanding quality.

Zellige or Zillij, a handmade mosaic tiles with origins in the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East region, Moroccan Zellige first made its appearance in the 10th century and originally used to decorate homes, riads, and Palaces as a statement of luxury and wealth of their inhabitants.

Moroccan Zellige is believed to have been influenced by the mosaics of the Byzantine and the Moorish Spain coming from Andalusia, it is flourished during the Merenids, who gave it more importance and introduced blue, green, and yellow colors.

However, We are distinguished by extraordinary artistic, designs, patterns and ancestral techniques which earned us a great fame all over the Kingdom, the secret behind the spread of our products, lies in the fact that our Zellige masters have been able to keep abreast of contemporary changes, while retaining that traditional trait whether in the manufacturing process or the final form.

In order to meet every individual requirement, we provide a large selections of tiles options including, hand painted tile, terracotta, cement tiles, and more…

So please enjoy our catalogue, and feel free to contacts us, if you have any question regarding our products.